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I have made a few changes to my web site 7/26/13

We have some Border Collie puppies for sale from very good working parents today 7/26/13 they are 3 week old. Kyle Shippy  at  605-842-0935

FOR SALE open ewes    all ages  mostly white face                call Kyle 605-842-0935


Our custom sheep feedlot has room for 3,000 head of lambs.
In our feedlot you may retain ownership of your Lambs.
We can feed, fatten, or grow Lambs or Ewes.
Clean, sandy-soil lots

Our feedlot is located near the border of South Dakota and Nebraska on the northern edge of the sand hills. Our lots are not as muddy, and dry out much quicker, so the sheep very seldom develop mud balls on their wool. Our lots are situated behind shelterbelts to provide wind and storm protection. We prepare most of the feed but you have the option of having feed of your choice delivered from one of the local elevators to our lots for your lambs

Our web site is an important means of keeping in contact with you. Helpful content on our services will be continually added. Please email us if you need information you do not find here or to suggest changes or corrections.

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